this ok Sentence this ok Sentence Torture Museum Oude Steen Brugge

Instruments of torture, objects of justice

Located In probably one of the oldest , historical European prisons, “De Oude Steen” (the old stone), Brugge Landmark, brings a gripping exhibition of cruel instruments engineered to cause unbelievable pain and suffering on human body and mind.

The more than hundred torture and execution devices in our museum are placed and commented in a chronological, judicial context which


brings a new light and significance on the origin of torture and the use of these horrifying instruments.

The Torture museum “The Old Stone" explores the medieval quest for justice through the world of the rack, the inquisition chair, the thumbscrews , the strappato, all engines of torture with a license to investigate crime in the European legal system from the 12th century till deep into the eighteenth century.

And yes the devices are cruel, diabolic sometimes. But what is the real instrument of torture, the device or the humans? The devices are designed to inflict intensive pain on individuals, but humans are the ones who built and operate the torture machines and instruments.…

Beoordeel Torture Museum Oude Steen
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